Blog: Stop making music and listen to LUKAS

Blog: LUKAS and the end of music making

It’s not enough anymore to simply ‘make music’. The marketplace is crowded, consumers are choosy, and keen to sniff out innovation. They aren’t fooled by smoke and mirrors – in our 24/7 ‘all-access’ era they can duck behind the curtain any time they like, and stay as long as they please.

Sure a lazy tune or two makes in into the Top 10, but fans can put down music as quickly as they pick it up, filtering it through their fluctuating library of niche musical interests.

To last beyond the momentary flurry artist’s have to have one thing straight – their reason. Compelling fans to listen, and listen again. And then again when the artist adds new layers and expression to it.

We’re in a season where standing out in the industry isn’t as much about being a unique musician as it’s about being a unique messenger. Listener’s are hungry to go beyond the three chords you throw together, and into why you picked up your instrument and opened your mouth. They crave intention and significance in the melee of alternatives.

Space has opened up for what I think of as ‘goal-orientated artistry’ – individual or collective creatives motivated by mission as much as music. Christian or non-Chritian they know what stories they hope to tell and the audience they want to attract. It doesn’t steal from their creativity, but directs it. And listener’s will be able to tell if they don’t have it.

You watch Miley, Adele, Ryan Tedder, Beyonce, all of them have a reason. You may not personally subscribe to it, but you can ground yourself in it and move your wallet toward it.

The industry is being purified. Burned back to the basics of who, what, when, where, why, and how.

It’s the ultimate moment to do more than just ‘make music’.

LUKAS are a familiar face on the Australian music scene, weaving seamlessly between mainstream and Christian circles for the last 10 years, playing with the Newsboys, Delirious?, MXPX, Switchfoot, Guy Sebastian & Brooke Fraser , crashing servers with their initial release (oh the early naughties), and attracting global attention.

But recently, frontman Luke Munns refined his focus.

Thirsty to see intentionality and innovation better expressed in the worship sphere, his band has become a ‘movement’, gathering global talent under the united goal of inspiring and connecting people with Jesus through passionate & innovative worship.

He’s becoming one of a new many, intertwining craft with creator and narrowing the gap between who we are and what we do.

I caught up with him on Hope 103.2 to talk about this new model, and new single ‘Beauty for Ashes‘.

Listen now:

Watch Now:


LUKAS in studio recording ‘Beauty for Ashes’

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