Experiencing struggle, and sharing struggle are two very different things.

Winning 10 Dove Awards and rising to global notoriety on the back of ‘The Outsiders’ in 2009, and ‘The Reckoning’ in 2011, the past 7 years have been flat out for Southern grass-rock group NEEDTOBREATHE. With a fusion of considered lyrics and thrill-seeking riffs it’s no wonder their tracks led them to play over 200+ shows a year. But, the acclaim brought difficulties founding brothers Bear and Bo Rinehart didn’t foresee:

“We got caught up a little bit, chasing success a bit too much …It got the best of us, and we had to call it quits in the middle of the record and really re-evaluate what we were doing and why we were doing it, and get our priorities straight,” Bo says.

Having not talked for 6 weeks, it looked like the band were over …until ‘Rivers in the Wasteland’ was born. Laying bare their internal difficulties, the group invited listeners in to an honest, and quietly victorious reflection of the challenges they’d faced. Stripping back their sound to the roots of the genre, they told their story in a simple, and authentically captivating way.

Speaking on Hope 103.2 in Sydney, younger brother Bo spoke about the album with Laura ahead of their Australian Tour in February.

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