Music: Delaney Gibson

Music: Delaney Gibson ‘Stars’

Born into the eclectic musicality of Southern America, Delaney Gibson has been raised on a variety of stylistic influences. From the eloquent compositions of Michael Glaccino (Lost, Up), to the orchestral creations of My Brightest Diamonds, Delaney’s sound is richly textured with intentionally and soulful quirkiness.

Releasing her 3rd full length album ‘Tall Like a Tree’ this year, Delaney has delivered an experience with new maturity, and unique artistic direction.

How did you decide on the stories and sound of ‘Tall Like a Tree?‘?

The stories find a way to tell themselves. I always want to have a glimmer of hope in everything I write. Through humor or just shining light on something positive. For my sound, that took a while to finally shine through. Years and years of listening to other people stood in the way. Thankfully, Josh (my Producer) knew exactly what direction I wanted to go in and he navigated it brilliantly.

What was the inspiration for the album title?

It comes from the lyric in the song ‘Be’: “I want to be tall like the tree, I want to bend, I break easily.” This album is about growth and I wanted to grow tall like the trees. As far as I could grow.

How is this project different to previous ones?

I think my last albums were more singer/songwriter and less grand. I really found the theatrical and cinematic sound I was searching for on this album.

Before you put out your first record ‘The Worst Kind of Way’, what were your dreams for your music?

My dream has changed so much over the years. The more you learn about the business the more ways you can find success. When I was young I wanted a huge ‘pop’ sort of career. Thankfully, that didn’t happen! Now, I just want a solid indie career with a great fan base. That way I can still have a private life and create the music that I want to make.

What’s the story behind the new single ‘Stars’ ?

My dear friend Nikki is an amazing singer and actress working in NYC. We’re always talking about how tough this business is and how hard it is to be confident in what you do. She was the inspiration for Stars. I wanted to tell her that she “had the stuff that stars are made of.” I hope it’s an empowering song for anyone following their passion in life.

Find out more: DelaneyGibson.com

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