PODCAST: LION's Saroo Brierley

PODCAST: LION’s Saroo Brierley

Born in the slums of India, Saroo Brierley’s story could have had a very different ending. 

As a 5 year accidentally lost on India’s train network, Saroo found himself thousands of kilometres from home, with no real way of finding his family. Lost on the streets of Calcutta, Saroo was taken in by a local orphanage, still hoping he might return home.

20 years later, living in Tasmanina with his adopted parents, Saroo chose to find his birth mother.

Resourced with Google Earth and a yearning for home, Saroo’s story has now become cinematic gold, with LION debuting to the strongest opening weekend of any independent Australian film, securing 6 Oscar nominations and 4 Golden Globe noms.

We caught up with Saroo:

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*Interview first heard on Hope 103.2



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