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Blog: Your Skin Is Better with A Little Light

No matter what salon/beauty bar/skin clinic you go to these days, choosing a service can be as complicated as buying a new car. There’s no such thing as ‘just a facial’ or ‘basic moisturiser’ anymore; you can focus on redness, hydration, ageing, anxiety – the ’one size fits all’ approach is almost obsolete.

All this ‘power to choose’ though makes our gig as consumers tough work as we try to decide what suits us, what we can afford, and what’s actually going to work.

As someone with fair, sensitive skin and tendency to go beetroot red at the mention of ‘exfoliation’, I’ve never been one to experiment with skin treatments or new facials (lumpy flare-ups and dry patches be gone!), so you can imagine I was tentative when I was invited to try LED Light Therapy (LEDLT).

Hailed as THE one-stop-shop to fight aging, acne, and rejuvenate your skin without any invasive procedures or downtime, LEDTL has quickly gone from only benefiting celebrity’s complexions, to a mainstream sensation. Leading the industry (particularly in Australia), is OMNILUX, who’s treatment I recently tried.

OMNILUX LED Light Therapy comes in three options – OMNILUX Revive, a red light that hydrates and plumps the skin by stimulating collagen, OMNILUX Plus, a near-infrared light that is all about healing skin tissue, and OMNILUX Blue, a specific blue LED that helps to treat acne. Although I like all the colours of the Australian flag, red and white were the ones for me, as I wanted to focus on reducing redness and improving skin tone, with the bonus of getting in an early anti-aging collagen boost.

I underwent 2 courses (totalling 16 treatments*) at Aesthetic Artisan Group in Sydney’s North Shore, treated by its founder and lead practitioner Sarah Castillo.

First up was the Revive, which let me say is bright. Lying down on the bed you’re given a set of small goggles (think the ones used in old-school tanning beds minus the risk of UV rays) to minimise the red glare, but even with the goggles it did take a second for my eyes to adjust – much like a day on the beach without your sunnies. Soon enough though you settle, and realise you’re lying down without a care in the world and drift off as you would in any other spa treatment (I’d recommend apologising early for snoring).

About 20 minutes later the quiet whirring and gentle warmth is gone, the light switches off and everything’s dark until you take the goggles off and come back to reality. I found it looked a little blue for a few minutes afterwards, which is totally normal as a response to the intensity of the light, but that dissipated within minutes.

I noticed changes straight after my first session. My skin looked slightly dewier, and had a soft glow which lasted for a couple of days post-treatment. It still seemed red, but more like the red of a sweat-sesh at the gym because it’s been working hard a getting good circulation going as opposed to inflamation.

My second session was with the white OMNILUX Plus light, quite a different experience from the red. Far less bright, I wouldn’t have even noticed it was on except I heard Sarah flick the switch (goggles are a must as the light penetrates deeper into the skin to more effectively heal underlying issues). I found the white last was meditative and calming, and soon forgot where I was. I liked the white light, and in contrast to the stimulation of the red, noticed an immediate reduction in the colour of my cheeks and a newfound smoothness.

After 4 sessions alternating between the two lights, the texture of my skin particularly continued to improve. I wouldn’t have thought my face was rough in any way before, but after the OMNILUX I found myself stroking my cheeks and jaw bone, because it just felt SO GOOD (don’t judge me).

Having done a full course, the longevity of the results increased, and my skin had a consistent glow and plumpness that smoothed out any lines (which I’ll admit are thankfully minimal for someone in their late twenties).

The secret to success if you’re going to give OMNILUX a go, is doing at least 8 sessions and ideally following it up with a maintenance package. Single sessions would only be best if you wanted a quick boost before an event, or a moment to indulge. Also when you book be sure to ask about getting a complimentary skin consult with a cosmetic nurse to further tailor your regime (which of course I did), adding to the personalised touch AAG offer.

For someone with pre-existing concerns I thought were ‘just my skin’, it was nice to know these concerns didn’t have to be permanent, and that I could be doing something preventative to care for my skin in the future. I needn’t have hesitated at giving LEDLT a whirl. Here’s to more moments whittled away #underthelight pretending I’m on a summer holiday.

Laura experienced OMNILUX at the invitation and expense of Aesthetic Artisan Group.

* A traditional OMNILUX course is 8 sessions, but knowing my needs 16 was the recommendation for me. Talk to your practitioner about personalising the treatment for your skin concerns.

Laura at her 1st OMNILUX session

Laura at her 1st OMNILUX session.

The results after 4 sessions of OMNILUX

The results after 4 sessions of OMNILUX.

The results after 8 sessions of OMNILUX

The results after 8 sessions of OMNILUX.

The results after 16 sessions of OMNILUX.

The results after 16 sessions of OMNILUX.

Photo: Laura Bennett

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