Blog: What Will You Put Down in 2017?

For all that happened in 2016, and in all the ways it will spill over in 2017, we still have the opportunity to step into…

Blog: Attack of the Pear

Blog: Attack of the Pear

When life goes pear-shaped what do you do? First decide right now, fear is not my leader…

Blog: The Answer is Easter

Blog: The Answer is Easter

Rick Warren reveals how Easter has helped him find strength in the midst of life’s challenges

Image credit: Janine Ripper

Blog: A New Approach to the New Year

When pressure mounts to have it all together at this time of year, how do you plan for what’s to come? What happens to your purpose? If you want to be intentional about your life and find…

Photo by Parker Fitzgerald

Blog: Why Your Room Needs a New Red Chair

Who knew a new red chair could change your life, AND give you insight into how your world might look different with…

Blog: 5 Reasons to ‘Choose Real’

What does it mean to ‘choose real’ in a fast-paced culture of photo shopping and ’15 second fame’? Laura Bennett explores 5 reasons to choose real, and why…