Blog: 5 Reasons to ‘Choose Real’

What does it mean to ‘choose real’ in a fast-paced culture of photo shopping and ’15 second fame’? Laura Bennett explores 5 reasons to choose real, and why…

Blog: Stop Trying to Make an Impact

Is your thirst for impact and intentional living taking over your life? Writer Ellery Sadler suggests that while our goals may be worthwhile, perhaps…

Blog: Is God Answering My Prayers?

Blog: Is God Answering My Prayers?

Ever wondered if God answers your prayers? Are you big dreamer unsure of whether He’s heard your cry for more? Well maybe it’s got to wit the way He…

Blog: Your Talent Ain't Worth a Thing

Blog: Your Talent Ain’t Worth a Dime

in the last few years NZ has produced major names like Lorde, Kimbra, the Broods and more. So why do these acts succeed in an over populated industry that..

Blog: ‘Live Your Dream’ FREE right now

FREE FOR 2 DAYS ONLY: You’ve got big dreams and you can break out of the mentalities that hold you back. Live Your Dream takes life back to the essentials, setting up a foundation for success.

Culture: 'Breaking Out of a Broken System'

Culture: ‘Breaking Out of a Broken System’

NeedtoBreathe bassist Seth Bolt, and his brother Chandler prove what collective creativity can do in ‘Breaking Out of a Broken System’, as they inspire us..