PODCAST: Bobbie Houston ‘Stay the Path’

Global Co-Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church, and Founder of ‘Colour Conference’, Bobbie Houston talks about her new book ‘Stay the Path’, and navigating leadership in the midst of vulnerability.

PODCAST: LION's Saroo Brierley

PODCAST: LION’s Saroo Brierley

LION: Lost in the slums of India Saroo Brierley’s story could have ended very differently. Now an Oscar nominated film ‘LION’, we hear how Saroo Brierley…

The Three Most Dangerous Words in the World

‘It’s a Girl’ and the Death of our Daughters

Filmmaker Evan Grae Davis reveals an epidemic killing a generation of daughters in ‘It’s a Girl’, exposing the three most dangerous words in the world…



Debuting at #3 on the Billboard charts. NEEDTOBREATHE’s latest album Rivers in the Wasteland is their most honest project to date, turning the tables on…

Blog: Stop making music and listen to LUKAS

Blog: LUKAS and the end of music making

It’s not enough any more to simply ‘make music’ any more, Artist’s are finding they need something more to move past Top 10 flurry’s and redefine the way…

Sydney Director Courtney Dawson releases her debut Documentary 'Advance Australian Film'.

Culture to watch: Advance Australian Film

What’s the last Australian film you watched? Sydney film-maker Courtney Dawson is out to explore why the Australian Film industry is…